Paul Prentice

Dr. Prentice earned a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics at the University of Connecticut. Paul served under President Ronald Reagan, as Chief Macroeconomist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He was appointed as a Visiting Scholar at the U.S. Department of Treasury (1995-1996). In 2006, Dr. Prentice was appointed as a Senior Fellow at the Independence Institute in Golden, CO.

Besides managing his consulting business, Farm Sector Economics, Inc., Dr. Prentice teaches free-market economics to MBA students at The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Paul has also taught economics and finance at Colorado College.

In conjunction with Independence Institute Senior Fellow Penn Pfiffner, Dr. Prentice helped develop the class, “Free People, Free Markets: The Foundations of Liberty”. This class has been expanded into a choice of either a 2 or a 3 credit undergraduate senior seminar in political science at UCCS, and is also taught in a private 3-hour condensed evening in Colorado Springs.

Paul is active in the arena of economic liberty, serving on the Board of Directors of the Limited Government Forum in Colorado Springs, where he helps direct their “Economic and Civic Literacy Project” and continues to develop and present the condensed version of Free People, Free Markets. In 2008, Dr. Prentice was appointed to the position of Adjunct Faculty at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Dr. Prentice gave a lecture at the Mises Institute on Tuesday, April 29th on the link between a degenerating currency and a degenerating culture. The audio can be found here and his lecture PowerPoint presentation is here.