Penn Pfiffner on the Tax Foundation Podcast Show

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With the Proposition 103 tax increase heavily defeated this November, what comes next for Coloradans for low taxes and limited government? Senior fellow Penn Pfiffner was a guest on The Tax Foundation’s podcast show recently to discuss Prop 103’s resounding defeat, the nature of our state budget, government’s role in our lives, and the ongoing battle against tax hikes in our state.

Listen to the audio here.

Citizens’ Budget Panel Event Audio

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On Wednesday March 2nd, the Independence Institute held a panel event at the University Club in Denver to discuss the solutions presented in the Citizens’ Budget project. Presenters included project director Penn Pfiffner, Education Center policy analyst Ben DeGrow, Health Care Policy Center director Linda Gorman, and Fiscal Policy Center senior fellow Barry Poulson. Each presented for around 10 to 15 minutes, with a questions and answers period at the end of the event. All presentations, including the introduction, closing remarks, and Q & A have been recorded.

For those of you unable to make it, we’ve compiled the presentations by each speaker in individual podcasts. Feel free to download these podcasts and share them with others who might be interested.

  • Introduction from Citizens’ Budget project director Penn Pfiffner: AUDIO here.
  • Ben DeGrow on K-12 education spending policy: AUDIO here.
  • Barry Poulson on higher education spending policy and PERA: AUDIO here.
  • Closing remarks from Penn Pfiffner and Q & A: AUDIO here.

The Citizens’ Budget on TV

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This episode of Jon Caldara’s TV show the Devils Advocate first appeared on Colorado Public Television – Channel 12 on Friday, December 17th, 2010. It features a 30 minute discussion about the Citizens’ Budget and features Independence Institute Fiscal Policy Center director Penn Pfiffner – director of the Citizens’ Budget project.

The Citizens’ Budget

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The report provides an overview of the structure, timing and size of the State budget. We speak to how the problems originated and how things have gone wrong in recent years. The Citizens’ Budget includes legislative, constitutional, and policy recommendations to close the looming state budget gap – without raising taxes – and move Colorado towards sustainable government for good. Use this Citizens’ Budget link for the full document.

How Much Does Government Cost You?

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Thanks to our friends at the Independent Institute out in Oakland, California, regular folks like us can figure out just how much the government is costing us in direct payments and in lost earnings over our lifetime.  From the About Page on the MyGovCost website,

The Government Cost Calculator is a unique service from The Independent Institute that enables any American to clearly understand three aspects of federal government spending.First, the Government Cost Calculator helps you determine how much you will pay for various federal programs now and over the course of a lifetime. Second, it compares those tax payments to the forgone earnings that would have been possible if such funds were kept and invested in private, market accounts. Finally, the Government Cost Calculator enables you to see the difference between government expenditures and your tax payments, clearly illustrating the growing debt obligations you face in the future.

All you have to do is input your education, age, and income into the Government Cost Calculator and you will get results that accurately reflect how much our overbearing government costs YOU!

Poll Shows Little Support to Weaken TABOR or Raise Taxes

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TABOR-Poll-PR (January 2005)
Author: Jon Caldara

PDF of full Paper
Scribd version of full Paper

Poll Shows Little Support to Weaken TABOR or Raise Taxes

GOLDEN, Colo. – The results of a new poll commissioned by the Independence Institute and the Colorado Club for Growth shows a lack of voter support for modifying Colorado’s Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) or seeking a TABOR override (known as De Brucing).

According to a scientific survey by the nationally-recognized polling firm TelOpinion Research, only 33 percent of likely Colorado voters who voted in the most recent election approve reducing their TABOR tax refunds or removing the so-call ratchet mechanism…

More than half (52%) of the survey’s 600 respondents altogether opposed weakening TABOR or giving up $500 million in tax surplus refunds. Only 33% are in favor of a proposal.